Ohhh nooo not again. Treasury out of cash by Sept...

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    Yep it's that time again folks. Step right up and get your free raise on your debt ceiling, Treasury crying again that its running out of cash and needs another jump in the debt ceiling, how many times have we seen this? We already know it's not a big deal and doesn't mean anything anymore since each and every single time they run out of cash they magically raise the debt ceiling. No worries as this isn't new any more, no need to make these bold repetitive articles about what could possibly happen if the debt ceiling isn't raised because nothing ever happens. People may get laid off for a few weeks, but they get that retroactive pay so ignore this pathetic nonsense and watch wallstreet rally as debt runs rampant and tops never seen before levels in history of mankind.

    Treasury could run out of cash in early September, urges Congress to raise debt ceiling before recess


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  2. Same crap over and over and over.
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    what's the worry... it's only July lol.
  4. Remember folks, every single fiat currency in history since Roman times has been devalued and eventually collapsed.
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    so what.. this is such useless old narrative from people who try to sell you gold or bitcoin.

    you can't beat them, join them!
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  6. Just pointing out an undeniable fact. Makes me laugh how many people think 'this time it'll be different'.

    I'll keep using and abusing the mighty greenback until a better alternative exists.
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    Treasury should just buy some $FB, $AVGO, $OSTK & $ESTC weekly Options.

    talk'n 'bout some ROI
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    And over, and over, and over...
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