Oh yes, there are so many job openings...

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  1. A debate on the Senate floor Monday over unemployment compensation crystallized, at least for a moment, the divide between the two parties in Washington.

    Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the Republican whip,

    argued that unemployment benefits

    dissuade people from job-hunting

    "because people are being paid even

    though they're not working."

    Some elected Republicans are clearly mental defectives...
  2. Plenty of people have stuff to do around the house, I say "pay 'em". when you get tired of fighting with the old lady well. then it's time to get a job. Cripes, we're all adults here, no reason for the gov't to come up with this "dissuade" crap and stop sending a check.
  3. If the "logic" of the republicans and neocons had only been applied to the people around the world we send billions of dollars to...

    ...you know, those people in Haiti only had an earthquake so they could get relief money...

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    Well, you may not agree, but he has a point. The longer benefits are extended, the longer until employment recovers.

    I have a friend that drew almost 2 years of UE benefits. They ran out last month. Guess what? He found a job. He considered it his right to collect and had no intention of looking for job as long as he was being paid UE. I bet he is not alone.
  5. Do you really see an excess of unfilled jobs?

    Is the demand for workers really and truly outpacing the supply of workers?

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    I have a step daughter that's been receiving unemployment.
    Perfectly able to work. I suggested she look for work. She didn't want to - until the benefits ran out.
  7. Unemployment benefits should go only to the working? :p
  8. Unfortunately that's the bad with the good. Not much can be done about it except give incentives to find work sooner. But the unemployed still need those benefits!
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    Oh she had plenty of incentive, her benefits ran out.
  10. Reminiscent of Sarah Palin's daughter who got pregnant after hearing her mother preach about he glory of abstinence...

    Why is it that the right wingers have children who act against the preaching of their parents?

    Perhaps the children see through the hypocrisy...

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