oh yeah, baby. another $3,000 for my account.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Babak


    GG, nice going. Was it www.whitehouse.com by any chance?

    [do not click if you are below 18 yrs of age]
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  2. barter is regression, but since we seem to be regressing on all sorts of fronts, why not that one, too?
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  3. corvus


    An out-of-the-money domain name options play! Nice move GG...
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  4. rs7


    I found an issue about a year or so ago of PC magazine from 1993 or '94. (Could have even been '95....whenever the pentium first came out). Doesn't seem like ancient history to me.

    Just like now, Dell computer had the fold out back page. But no domain name. Unbelieveable! No Dell.com? How much would that be worth now?

    (Big ad for 60mhz pentium.....had a headshot picture of a jet fighter pilot to get across the point of the screaming speed I guess).

    Grove's Law!

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  5. i bought one of those suckers (not a dell) at the start of '95... paid up for her too... what a ripjob... i could barely tell the speed diff between it and my 386... that's what u get for being 18 and thinking u know something...
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  6. rs7


    Yeah, well don't feel so bad. You can be dumb at an older age too. I had a 66mhz 486. I "upgraded" to a pentium 90. So the "upgrade" left me with my case, my floppy drives (yeah, had a 5 1/4 inch one too), and maybe the power supply. And sound and video cards I guess. And a CD ROM drive that required me to boot up differently for the occassional games my son would play. Nothing was compatible really. (mostly sound issues).

    So for a mere $1900 (what does that get you today? And in 1995 dollars, what is that equivalent to now?), I got a new motherboard, processor, 16 megs of memory (I think I had 4 or 8 going in), and a GIANT 330 Meg hard drive:confused:

    Wasn't obsolete for about a year.

    I did notice a difference in performance. But it was all because of the extra RAM I think. Also, it was cool to run the performance tests for a while. Really kicked ass for a couple of months.

    I remember when I got the 486, I had MS Word installed (a friend built it in his computer shop....remember those?). Word wouldn't work with the 2 megs he gave me (well, it would if you weren't in a rush to see the letters you typed appear on the screen). Going to 4 megs was a major step up. When I got the P-90 and went to 16 megs, I thougt I would be set for life:)

    Now my wife's Palm is far more powerful (seems like).
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  7. garbo


    "it only cost me $35/year !!!???"

    Just for the record, you can get it A LOT cheaper these days. Check out www.simpleURL.com The guy who runs it is great and only charges $12/year. I've registered a few domains with him over the years and I don't regret it.

    Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with simpleURL.com
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  8. dottom


    Or www.godaddy.com
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  9. burst bubble and all, .com still has the prestige, doesn't it?

    personally, i'm very wary of doing business with a .net, although for information they can be ok. .biz just sounds so el cheapo. i wonder if it will ever catch on.

    maybe we'll go the way of germany and canada, where it seems popular to just have .ca or .de, but, for some reason .us doesn't fill me with confidence either...
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  10. twobits


    www.namecheap.com is even cheaper (barely) at $8.88/yr.

    I've been using them for a couple years with several names and they work well. They also have e-mail forwarding so anything@yournewdomain.com can be forwarded to your existing mailbox.

    Not that you care about that, you name squatting grubby capitalist! Congrats on your sale, nice score. :)
    #30     Jan 17, 2003