oh yeah, baby. another $3,000 for my account.

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  1. DUDE, go spam some more emails as "Marielle" ha ha!!!
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  2. yes, i do have a couple others (about 5). this is the first one i have actually sold though. however, i don't do any promoting of the names. there are sites out there for buying/selling domain names, but i haven't used them. i just wait until someone wants what i have and comes to me.

    i'm not into this stuff too seriously. a few years ago i just typed in some names to see if they were taken. if i thought they were good and they were available, i bought them. it's only about $35/year to hold on to one. every now and then i'll type in some names to see if they're taken. it's pretty late to get into this now, imo. just about anything good is already taken. that's why i got a nice profit. i suppose you could get into reselling names, but i'm not really interested in doing that.

    i'm not naming the name because if i gave it out, my personal info could be found. also, i'm respecting the privacy of the person who bought it.
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  3. Yes, but that was very shrewd investing. How many people would have thought of doing that? And not only to have thought of doing it, but actually spend the $35 a year, not just once but 5 or 6 times?

    You did it, and you earned your profits from it.

    You see, it's that kind of intuition that you have to tap into to become successful trading. You can succeed in your own inimitable way, rather than trying to follow someone else's methods.

    However you look at it, you did increase your investment 100 times, and that beats Larry Williams' record on a percent basis.
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  4. thanks for the good words, hii a_ooiioo_a and others. :cool:

    btw, another aspect to this is how you decide which price to sell for. what i've been doing is this... i'll have in my mind a price that i'd have to accept. a few thousand sounds good to me at this point in my life. when someone emails me, they usually ask how much i will sell for. i write back and tell them to make an offer. if they write back with too low of a price, i write back asking like 2x what i am willing to accept.

    for example, i wrote this guy back asking for $6,000. lol if he wrote back offering half that amount or more, i probably would have taken it. if he offered like $5,000 i definitely would have taken it. here's my best trick...and i did it on this guy. if after i ask a high price and he doesn't even reply back, i will wait a few weeks. if they never write back, then i'll send out an email making the deal seem good. i'll be like, "i am willing to sell for $3,000. that is 50% of my original asking price. sorry, won't go any lower."

    i'm not saying that's the best way to do it, but it worked this time. :cool:
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  5. Minime


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  6. Bartering is the best form of commercial and commodity exchange. It predates most everything else and existed long before credit cards and mass commercialization was introduced.

    It was so cool to haggle with street vendors while I was in Manhattan. You pick it up, look at it, say, "ehh" and start walk away and then they grab your shoulder and say, "Sir, I'll give you a special deal."

    Actually, we got taken by a vendor near Ground Zero. He was selling batteries for cameras for a dollar for 4 AA's and they were called "Powercell." They were very light and lasted 5 seconds in our digital camera. I then took it out and bent it as hard as I could and it broke open and black powder spilled out.

    Oh well ... you have to always be on your toes.
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  7. I suspect that many people did the name thing during the boom years. If you add up the random sales , it probably does not come close to covering the $35 charges.

    I went to register ebay.com 3 weeks ago but it was already taken.
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  8. Very nice :)
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  9. Trade wisely weedhopper:cool:
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  10. would u like them in greens or black sir? :D
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