oh yeah, baby. another $3,000 for my account.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. here it comes, IB, make room for it. :D i bought a .com domain name a few years ago and i just sold it for $3,000. not bad, i guess; it only cost me $35/year. don't ask what the name is! anyways, my account will be a little bigger now. if i blow this, the car is next. :( lol but i'm not going to blow this! :mad:

  2. That's a good trade. You averaged about 3,000% return per year. You are indeed an "Elite" trader now!

    Be sure to put this figure in your resume, especially when you apply at a prop firm
  3. Yes. A whole bunch of forex firms seeking proptraders right now ! :D
  4. Congrats Gordon.
  5. Nice trade GG!

  6. maybe that's your market, gg.
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    Yeah, baby, you've got mojo.

    By the way, how can you sell a domain name after you just own it less than three year? That may be banned by PYTA (Pattern Year Trading Act on Internet). And you have to pay extreme short term tax on capital gains.

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    What's your "portfolio return" (rather than the return on this single investment)? Did you buy more than one domain and are still sitting on the rest?

    Why can't you say what the domain you sold was?
  9. This is a good example of growth threshold. He was able to increase his investment 100 times in a few years on one domain name. It's highly unlikely that he could achieve similar results trading two domain names. Wisely, he took his nice $3,000 profit, and reinvested it in a manner better suited to his new level of financial worth, rather than to try duplicate his previous success with a smaller capitization.

    "One small step for a hedge fund, one giant step for Gordon Gekko."
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