oh well...sooo much for the PPT thoughts...it was nice though

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  1. did not work out today...the market is tanking...sorry
  2. GS has insisted that PPT open market operations take place only once every second day. Back to back operations raises too much suspicion and pumps too much liquidity in the market. If GS were to buy any more Citi stock, people would begin thinking it was a takeover!

    Monday we'll see a huge gap up to make up for Friday's lost.... futures are much more easily manipulated.

    Go go e-mini!
  3. Plus look at this pic blow, and tell me the PPT does not intervene in financial markets.


    I dare ya.
  4. it doesn't they're just gay
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    To set the record straight, I do not believe in the PPT. But....there was some very unusual trading activity the past couple of days.

    That rally on thursday afternoon, what was that all about?

    And today it looked like someone was deliberately trying to rally the financials and hope that it would drag along everything else. Even after the afternoon collapse started, someone was still accumulating. For example, BAC showed a 600k sell imbalance at 3:40pm but that had changed to a 200k buy imbalance by 3:50pm. Don't see that often on big down day like this.
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