Oh, we must save the New York Times!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eight, Apr 3, 2009.

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  2. Yes, factual reporting can be so annoying, eh?
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    How about not being a flaming lunatic left wing moonbat media source? Oh, can't do that, right. Gotta stay true to the dream, even if it kills you.

    Just like the socialists in the US. Gotta stay true no matter how much it hurts.

    That be some serious "Bain Dramage".
  4. Speaking of which, did you manage to catch any of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, et al lately?
  5. New York Times debt is $1.1 billion. Must be from speculation.
  6. hughb


    Carlos Slim lent them a few million at 14% interest. I've always admired Slim as an astute businessman, but I wonder if he made a bad decision by investing in the NYT.
  7. Tip money fo him. It's all about buying access to the best parties,etc.
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    The left thrives on the complete passes they get from outlets like the Times. Selective reporting is their stock in trade, always has been. There was a million person anti-abortion rally in DC once upon a time... it got no coverage !! Nothing on TV at all, a few limp wristed comments in the papers... I keep hearing about these Tea Parties people are having all over the place but never, ever, from mainstream moonbat media.... they rewrite history in realtime. Of course they are always truthful because truth to a communist is whatever advances the state the best... and besides, if they lie enough they will get so much power they can rewrite all history then everything will be fine... Like I said, Journalistic malpractice... Nancy Pelosi is moving to protect the darlings nowadays, maybe we can part of the bailout to involve the right to sue for Journalistic Malpractice....
  9. NYT = print media equivalent of Huffington post.

    It will likely receive a huge bailout in the very near future. The moonbats can't lose their flagship rag without a fight...
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