Oh, the desperation

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  1. Hard to judge which side is getting more desperate, but this one wins it for today. Pretty god damn pathetic IMO when all you have is race to fall back on.
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    Racists will be racists. Look at RCG. He will never change his stripes. He will always be a racist.
  3. I expect we'll be seeing Race Bating Inc. go into full swing here over the next few weeks. Bringing out old dinosaurs like Randy just shows how desperate they've become.
  4. Did you see Nixon fouled on the release?
  5. who is this crackhead racist? jeezus dude put the pipe down.. and stop singing. You FUCKING SUCK.. BOOOOOO
  6. I haven't read a racist comment from RCG but you and Lucrum have certainly made derogatory comments about blacks.

    What does RCG stand for anyway? I know it as Reverse CowGirl,
    when a girl mounts a guy but she's facing away from him. Sort of like horizontal doggie for the lazy guy.
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    I think the good Cap'n spelled "observation" incorrectly in the thread title.
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    I think the most racist organization in the U.S. today isn't tied to the skinheads. It's the Congressional Black Caucus. I've never seen a more racist group in my life. The only thing they ever talk about is how whitey is holding down the black people and how the government needs to steal more money from them to give to the black community.

    All while most of those Congressmen an women get rich off the backs their constituants.
  9. This is the kind of stuff that sets back race relations 50 years. Obama is a bad hire. We've all had them. Guy looks good on paper, interviews reasonably well, you give him a shot. Turns out he's a dud. If he's white, you just can his ass and move on. If he's black, now you have to go through all the B.S. to make sure you don't get sued.
    If we can't get rid of Obama it just adds fuel to the argument for not hiring a black guy at all. Not worth the trouble if he doesn't work out. You know, I know, everyone knows this will have an impact on the hiring process around the country. The attitude will be, best not to take the chance. Many a good black man will remain unemployed cause we can't get rid of the bad hires.
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