Oh Oh - World Ends 5/21/2011 Not 2012

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  2. and to think there are probably some on this site who believe the mythical man will return any day now. says something about education in america.

    you never know. the third time might be winner for old harold. he predicted the end two other times already.

    if any of you christians out there want someone to take care of your affairs after you are sent to heaven let me know. for a small fee i will help you out since i will be one of the ones left behind. wire 25k to freethinker@rapturecleanup.com and i will get you on the schedule. dont delay. spots are filling up fast.
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    You giving any discounts for those of us going to hell?
  4. What time?

    I only have enough money to last till 4 pm.
  5. Conflicts with the phophecy of the Popes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes

    St. Malachy prophecized about 112 popes before judgement day. We are on pope 111 since he made those prophecies almost 900 years ago. So unless Pope Benedict dies in the next few months, I wouldnt believe family radio.

    Pretty amazing are some of the prophecies though...Like knowing 900 years ago that pope john paul II would be born on the day of a solar eclipse. Or john paul I would be born during a half moon(and also took his month long reign on the day of a half moon)
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    Put it on a credit card. You won't be around to get the bill.
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    That's three days before my birthday. Why do I always get screwed?
  8. St. Peter looks in his book and says "Hmm...looks like you had everything you needed to get in to heaven, but at the last minute you ran up your credit card bill before you died...sorry you're going to hell. Was it worth it for..." St. Peter looks in his book again. "...the best of Saturday night live DVD set, 7 pizzas from dominos and a subscription to Time life?"
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    What? He's going to Hell and he never even ordered a hooker! Besides, tell me what good are a DVD set and a subsciription to Time Life if you're going to be dead in a few hours?
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