oh oh.........my baker in Canada doesn't accept US quarters anymore.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Visitors, Apr 21, 2010.

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    I was buying french bread as I often do, (goes real good with anything) (do Americans know we have a french speaking province in Canada)

    And I slip in change few US quarters along with loonies and other Canadian change.

    Ooops...... my baker comments if US dips any lower I can't accept US quarters anymore.

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    LOL what will I do with my US quarters stamping machine now :D

    I kid I kid, I don't have a coin machine :D

    Or do I

    No no I don't :)

    But you know who does. United States government that's whos got it :cool:
  3. thx, c-kid
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    No problem Pal

    I am at your service to always point out what you have allowed your government to do with your collective American brain or lack there of

    you don't believe in protests right ?? :p
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    Find a new baker!
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    When USD goes even lower. Do you think other bakers will be happy with payment below their price.

    What are you Stupid ?

    Oh I forgot, you are stupid :cool:
  7. I knew a Greek baker in the US who would buy thousands of dollars of Canadian quarters every year to give out as change when the dollar was much stronger.
  8. Sacré bleu!

    Will your baker acceopt SDRs? Oh wait, I getting ahead of myself.
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    You know they say greeks are tricky bunch

    but they say that about everyone
  10. If you are so concerned with the future of the world, why not start baking your OWN bread. Be more self sufficient.


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