Oh no! This for $150???

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by WDGann, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. I was out drinking with my friend who works at a prop. firm and he actually bought a $150 S&P Trading Course....

    He wanted to get feedback about what I thought...

    In my head:

    Damn... this freagin' course was about a Moving Average Cross Over, and Candlestick timing. I actually read Nison's candlestick book (thank you for the recommendation, candletrader!) and the material was completely immature, cheap, unrealistically biased... oh no... homeboy got jipped!!!

    I said, "I guess it's alright... but how are you going to relate that material with you trading style?"... and the conversation moves on...

    Please watch out!!!

    Geez, I think I can charge $1,000,000.00 for my trading.

    Actually, I think we can charge people for using the ET Chat during market hours... Nitro, glass, marketsurfer, 777 and others(including me)... wanna start up a real-time market chat vendor? We can charge!!!

    Baron? Wanna charge and wanna pay us a share for making calls in ET Chat?

    LOL... just kidding... still vendors are f*cked up!!!
  2. Why don't you just tell us who that vendor was? Otherwise, what's your point? There are good vendors and bad vendors, just like there are good traders and not so good traders. Lumping all vendors together is just unfair.

    Yes, I too bought some junk, even for more than $150 ($2,500), but I have mentioned that vendor enough times not to talk about it again. And I did not start a new thread just to talk about the guy who sells his stuff for $2,500.
  3. Gannieboy your "I hate Vendors" stuff is getting rather old indeed.
  4. isn't this how we all learn? paying a high price to only find out it's useless crap. expensive lesson...but doesn't come close to the tuition one must pay to the mkts in order to become successful. happy trading. :D
  5. Well said honey bear, couldnt agree more.
  6. well..

    at least Moving Average Cross Over is worth a LOT more

    than the Gann stuff selling out there ....
  7. I love Vendors...
  8. vegasoul... you're losing money aren't you... hard market right now???
  9. I thought you learn from trading in the markets not from bad vendors.