Oh no market will go higher soon?

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  1. Did shorts make profit last week or sell on the slightest uptick? I suspect the later. Everyone who is short talks a tough game, but 95% of them cover on the smallest uptick. No one makes money going short in this market. This ain't 2000. NO bubble at all. Stocks are NOT overvalued.

    The eggists, eggbers, and dogberts are to blame for the selling last week but the market WILL rebound as always because we're still in a bull market which began on October 2002 and the smarties of the new world order are still in control. Ben and Paulson will not let there be a bear market because they continue to inject liquidity. Don't fight them.

    There were NO negative headlines which affect the fundamentals of this market. Profits and earnings growth in the non-financial, non consumer sectors is growing. We're in a globalist economic boom which is why you must buy EWZ stock.

    No one except the boo hoo hoo Obama liberals cares about the rising oil or the rising gas. Rising oil and falling dollar is bullish for stocks. There is no recession and no bear market. No one except the Obama liberals cares about the falling home prices or the imaginary credit crunch or liquidity crisis. There is still tons of credit and huge liquidity and home prices in many areas of the United states such as Palo Alto, Manhattan, and Aspen keep going up.

    We need rising oil because it is good for oil companies. Cheap dollar is good for exporters. Food prices, oil, gas, gold, will continue to rise. Oil 200 soon. Gold 2000. NO oil bubble. NO gold bubble. Nope. Obama will lose badly to McCain. Jobs will continue to be outsourced to China and India and insourced from Mexico, which is very bullish for stocks. Multinationals benefit the most from cheap labor. Boo hoo hoo gas prices keep going up. Too bad. Gas will soon be $5 dollars a gallon, but will have NO negative affect on stock market or economy. Boo hoo hoo food is too expensive. Boo hoo hoo my job got outsourced. too bad. Boo hoo hoo Bush is screwing up the country. Too bad because McCain WILL win and continue Bush's economic policies.

    Need to vote in 2008 elections,. Need college degree. Need to be a well rounded, educated, tolerant individual in a gloablist society. Open the borders! Vote for MCcain. The war in Iraq WILL continue for decades. There will be NO pullout and NO timetable.

    Consumers are still spending billions on travel and goods in spite of rising oil and gas. Contrary to the lefties and bears the consumer is NOT tapped out and has HUUUGE spending power. Millions of college students still maxing out credit cards. Huge consumer spending and debt. We're in an era of hyper capitalism, consumerism, spendism, smartism, paymentism, and materialism which is why you must buy MASTERCARD and VISA stock. I know how stock work and how the market works.

    Million of people still logging in to Facebook and Myspace. People still buying Ipods and using Google. No recession there. We're in a second web 2.0 internet boom in the silicon valley. THERE IS NO WEB 2.0 BUBBLE. Facebook is worth $30 billion.
  2. Is not Obama in the white house bearish for the market? Looks like he is gonna win.


    You clearly are one of the most uninformed and/or ignorant posters on ET. No one makes $$$ going short?? You're clueless. Any intelligent trader plays both sides -- I did quite well last week --- and makes money consistently.

    Your continued drivel shows you're a buy and hold long term investor that rarely, if ever, actually realizes booked profits. Traders are running circles around you bankng profits.

    And you do NOT know how the market works --- for if you did you've had made $$$$ last week playing the short side. How did V, GOOG and GS do last week? V down 10, GOOG down almost 40 and GS down 15.

    Your understanding of the economy is nil. $4 and $5 gas is decimating many in the US. Foreclosures continue. Housing inventory is at all time highs. Credit card debt goes higher. The economy will get worse before it gets better. The US consumer is nearly tapped out --- and the consumer makes up 2/3 of the economy.
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