Oh no! American express do not start again for credit crunch.

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  1. If it is true that Amex is also suffering from credit crunch then we have big down day tommorrow. I have heard in the chat room, that they are going to announce some thing about credit problems tonite or tommorrow.

    Oh no !Amex please do not put water on big rally.
  2. Great news! The more write-downs, the better.

    Sad but true, the only way out of the credit crunch is to inflate it away.

    Countrywide: Oh no, I have to foreclose on this home with 300k mortgage, but I can only sell it for 250k. If this keeps up, I'm gonna have to do another major writedown and even declare Bankruptcy. Why oh why did we ever do 125% no-doc loans. What the hell were we thinking?!?
    Helicopter Ben: [​IMG] Do you believe in Magic? And I hope you do. [​IMG]

    Countywide: GREAT news Ben, we foreclosed on this 300k home, and now it's worth 400k. It's amazing what creating money out of thin air can do. We'll just sell it, and cancel the mortgage. Hey we even enough leftover to realize the accrued fees, which will allow us to show a profit on our income statement.

    5 years later

    Countywide: I dunno why we're writing 5% mortgages when I swear we're losing money. The dollar devalues 30% per annum. But inflation has been steady at 2.5% for the last 5 years, according to the Gummit... Let's take the trillions in USD currency we have and buy a few thousand Euros. We can start lending over there and benefit from huge ForEx gains as USD continues its free fall.
    Secretary of the Treasury: "We have a strong dollar policy."
    CNBC: Federal Reserve Chairman cut rates to -.5% today the first time in history. As a result of a strong economy. Stocked soared 6000% on the news as financial institutions received interest to borrow trillions and invested in the stock market. The DJIA has now surpassed the Zimbabwe Composite for the year. In an unrealted story, the NYBOT delisted the USD index futures after it fell below 0.01 cents with generally no trading volume.
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    Yeah, that's usually where I go for reliable stock or market info, too.

  4. The Yahoo! Finance board has some real gems. You'd be suprised all sorts of knowledge and insider information posted there.
  5. Almost every rumor offcourse starts at somewhere in chat room, then became reality. We trader make it big deal, then finally company accept or deny it. Period.
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    No sweat, you can counter act that rumor with another rumor that the Abu Dhabi Sovereign Fund will invested $7.5 billion in Amex like that did with Citigroup.

  7. Here u go
  8. Really? Every rumor starts in a chat room? Wow-- I gotta read some more about the internet.
  9. if you do not believe it, then go ahead and figure out yourself. You will be surprise. Just search on google by " chat room rumours stocks" and you will find lot of inside details of each and every website there.