OH MY trading God, I just figured out how to double my money

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Illuminated One, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. but won't tell you

    however, I will tell you the next best thing

    wait for it .......wait for it

    this what I am about to tell you is so good you'll think that I am your mother or father (cause only they would tell you something so good)

    here goes nothing

    When I came up with a way to double my money I wasn't on ET, I was charting

    I wasn't on ET when I needed to learn to trade


    I wasn't on ET
  2. how I figured out what to do was

    today I didn't make a cent, my levels simply were not reached

    so I thought,, what The F

    this guy on ET I know made money today easily and he is not a scalper

    so I figure there must be a way other than simply reducing timeframe

    well guess what yup there is a way

    but its not on ET, that is for sure
  3. Get the "F" out of the trading forum.. off to chit chat.:p