OH my god OMG, market is opening

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. cold


    LOL you noobs

    that is your problem

    oh god oh god

    so excited :p
  2. MOSAIC BABY!!! :D
  3. cold


    as always excitement comes from not knowing what the hell you are doing

    but I know the screwed thing is, how can you learn without trying

    when I was a noob, I was freakin out,

    did I ever tell you guys how I started out eating pigeon poo :(
  4. cold, dont leave brudda. some of us here enjoy your witty banter...
  5. cold


    just made 6 k on my small ES day trading strategy

    my long term strategy is well long term

    I am going back to bed

    as for me leaving, I must, because frankly the longer I stay the more it looks like I have issues

    where I enjoy you internet freaks and less life and real people

    not that I like people much anyway
  6. i hear ya brudda. sounds like you need an eight ball and a couple ho's to me.

    but dont leave - too many boring stiffs on this site.
  7. you have to be one of the greatest calm mellowed-out laid back traders that ever lived

    wake up, yawn, make 6K go back to sleep

    you are THE man:D
  8. cold


    well hey armoured saint you ain't so bad yourself

    wanna bring your own condoms, or do you trust mine

    :D :D :D :D :D

    sorry I couldn't help myself :)

    ok see ya guys, and remember I too have problems in life :mad: