Oh My God - Not Again

Discussion in 'Options' started by forex-forex, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. But the members on ET don't know jack sh!t about options, trading, or anything to do with investments. They are all clueless.
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  2. mde2004


    You fu$king idiot gambling your life savings away. Keep it up until you are on the streets .
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  3. jeff
    are you trading FOOM debit and credit spreads for high win trades?
    Do you know before hand if the option trade will try for a larger gain ?
    I see your bracket trading has a stop of of .50 on both highW/L
    and large gain Trades .Aren't larger gains the product of larger moves against?
    I have an acc. at ib also i'll look into baracket trading...sounds interesting
    cheers john
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  4. Good questions John, I enjoyed the correspondence.

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  5. Hi FF
    Some know a lot, some are clueless and most are somewhere in between. Who belongs to which group you have to work out yourself.
    Unfortunately, at the moment, you are very angry and upset - understandably so since you have suffered some rather hefty losses. So you need to make a decision, either to continue trading or quit. If the former then you really need to start learning about options trading in some depth - and I don't mean just coming to ET and reading the posts. I've been following your posts over the past year or so and you've obviously done some study. But it's nowhere near enough. Do some serious reading/workshops or whatever it takes if options trading is really something you want to become proficient in.
    Whichever route you decide to take, I wish you all the best.
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  6. Nice summary Jeff.
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  7. Risk manage much?
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  8. We all gave you detailed reasons why your trade made no sense when you first entered it. Its your own fault for ignoring the good advice.

    It is like stepping in dog shit, sniffing it, touching it, licking it and eating it and then complaining to everyone you stepped in dog shit...

    Remember the ol saying, a fool and his money... are often faded..
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  9. Even the terrorists are enboldened by your massive losses!
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  10. lar


    Michael Douglass as Wall Street's Gordon Gecko, "A fool and his money are lucky to have gotten together in the first place."
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