Oh Man, I'm Flat

Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, May 8, 2013.

  1. oh man I'm flat, thanks to a long aud.usd

    what the hell was that all about?

    I was asleep

    time to go to the doctor and get my prescription refilled

    I have limits and stops in on 4 pairs to put the same position on again

    it can't be any worse than it was the last time
  2. How about a single thread or journal. The stream of consciousness stuff is played.
  3. the life expectency of one of my threads is extremely low

    if you hadn't replied it would be dead by now

    I'm getting high right now if you don't mind

    very little chance of any of my orders getting hit tonight

    journal is too depressing

    I had to walk over to the liquour store three times on this last one

    and I get really mean when I get drunk

    just happened to load up on that aud.usd long at just the right time

    like the man said, "Buy low, sell high. Get high."
  4. Flat broke? :D Only kidding.

    You should read the news. The AUDUSD jumped because of the positive unemployment numbers.
  5. and I was sound asleep

    if you call lying in bed tossing and turning

    thinking about all the mistakes you have made in life


    finally like usual, I couldn't take it any more and painfully got up to check the account

    and lo and behold, aud.usd had skyrocketed

    enough to get me flat with a profit

    I love forex

    especially when I am not trading it
  6. I just went long on USDCAD. 1.00219. That's a bit of change for me. I'll be averaging down on this one as low as .945.

    Sleep is a good thing. Stay off the drugs and alcohol!
  7. I'd hardly call marijuana "drugs"

    otherwise, that usd.cad has not been much of a mover for me

    but it has saved my ass in the past, so I always keep it on
  8. Its a nice recession hedge for me, and there is only so far that it can fall before Canada's export industry starts whining, forcing Bank of Canada to drive it back up again (i.e drive the CAD down)

    Pot and Liquor together have made me do something I still regret to this day. You know, one of those arm knawed off events followed by a sprint for the door.
  9. Jesus, you weren't watching the trading during their monthly employment report? Did you sleep through this week's rate cut too lol? :p
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