Oh man...futures getting murdered

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  1. -6.00.

    This is gonna be ugly
  2. -7 for fuck's sake....ok this is a little overboard
  3. SP500 could easily crash 10% today alone. Futures looking very weak (down 7 points in the ES now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
  4. ericson missed earnings caused pressure on european opening. Ericson down around 25%
  5. the sky is falling!!:eek:
  6. -8.50. Lovin it. $$$$$
  7. down 1/2 a percent. lol.
  8. The fed will hopefully quickly cut another 50 bps before the open otherwise we're all history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Easy 8pt capture today on weekend news of high oil prices, ..wish every day was easy like this :D CHA CHING !!!!
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