Oh Lord, No Obama's an Irishman!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tango29, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. C'mon, what the hell!? Is there something he's not? The Today show is celebrating Obama the Irishman this morning. This is going too far beyond idol worship. They have all ready told us he is God, do we really need to know that he is like most of the rest of us, and he has a heritage made up of quite a few backgrounds? He's God do we need anything else to be able to relate to? Let's see, he's an African American to get that vote, he's Latin American to get that vote, he's Italian American, he's Philipino American, he's Irish American(we know now). Ok, he's _______ fill in the blank American for whatever voting bloc he needs. You know what I have at least 4 different European backgrounds, the majority of which would be Irish, but hey, I just say I'm an American, and damn proud of it!
  2. He's also white, His family owned slaves, His wife straightens her hair.
    He is anything but black
  3. JDL


    your president don't look like you :p