Oh look! Our very own Greece or Hungary :D

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  1. Paterson reminds me of Mel Brooks but if he pulls this off I'll stop making jokes about him. Patterson has grown some balls lately and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about his forcing their hand.
  2. Call Kurt Russell Escape from NY 3
  3. pspr


    I love it. The drama, the intrigue. Forcing politicians to come to grips with reality is something to celebrate. Bring in Henry Kissinger to negotiate an armistice.
  4. TGregg


    Shut down the government? Cuts? WTF? Haven't they been paying attention? The only way out of this mess is LOTS more government! Yay! Borrow, borrow, borrow against our grand children's funeral funds. Tax the snot out of anybody stupid enough to work for a living and give it to all the people who vote for more government.

    That's the secret to success, right there.
  5. Shutting New York down would possible cause a panic throughout the markets.
  6. They used to shut down the federal government under Clinton when the did not vote to increase the debt ceiling for a day or two. Those were good trading days, around Oct 1996.

  7. I was in the semiconductor industry at that time. I was in Korea and coming back to America. Let me tell you I damn near kissed the ground when I got back - I wasn't sure that customs was going to be open, because they were potentially going to shut down the gov't at that time!