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    i ll bounce around a 30 point range for a half hour so no one can hold on then im go up a 100 points in 5 minutes fr no reason. then im go down 150 and then back up while bear streans is breaking down. oh im ym. so the 800 im made this week is vaporized by 100 point ym move off the open and a short ym that was up 80 buck then went to --50 in about 15 seconds. this is fkin waste of time.
  2. Stop gambling. Learn how to trade before putting your money at risk. Futures are not for the undisciplined. You've got to have stops and you've got to know when to stay on the sidelines and wait for a good setup.
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    been trading fr 6 yrs
  4. Been trading for six years, or gambling?

    There is a difference. If you got killed today, it tells me you still don't know how to wait for the setups. I was long for that 100 point move up, then short for half of it on the way down. I don't know how you could have missed it if you know what you're doing.
  5. Engrish preeze....
  6. And apparently none of those years was a success. You sound like a complete noob.

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    today , aside from selling there were no technical signals. if you went long you lucked out, so please spare me. shorting a wild short squeez is just luck considering it had 4 or 5 false tops.i got up late and didn t read the news this morning and bought after the first 120 piont drop and was to weak to close the position after i lost 250, so it got worse and then i closed. made 300 yesterday lost 550 today. . i trade ym off of the skf chart along with all the minute bars fr ym with indicators. entering a trade in ym, it always runs against u 10 ticks and what happens after is just luck. yr not the sole keeper of the macd indicator or what ever.
  8. LOL

    Good luck with your trading man.

    There are many good people out there who will mentor and advise you, if you want a name or two, just send me a PM and I'll pass them along.
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    So the 57 winners out 59 RT's I did today were all just luck?

    Damn I must be one lucky SOB, I need to go buy a lotto ticket.
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    Aren't ET threads jusy so full of panic and panic mongers? All this talk over years about beating the herd and taking their money when trading. You are the herd, choking with idiot panic and blustering irrationality.

    Bernanke is doing two things; providing continuing liquidity where needed and reducing the cost of borrowing. This is a vital defence in the face of a world financial meltdown centered in the US.

    It takes a lot of ignorance not to realize that confidence in the US banking and credit system is currently the absolute top priority. If it were not the eventual consequences to many ordinary people would turn out to be very unpleasant and very unwelcome. Get away from any fixation on blaming the rich and powerful; in any event they get by very nicely whatever the economic climate.
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