Oh Great.. just what we need is more cheap money

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  1. LOL

    There's nothing left to do but laugh.

    I seriously don't get it.

    It's like a diabetic who keeps eating cupcakes and shit. It will kill them eventually and they know it, but will not do anything about it.

    They just keep doing what feels good instead of what will heal them.
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    No lobbyist left behind.
  3. LOL
  4. if someone could find a way to hold our money, AKA wealth, in our borders and as evidence you can look at our current account deficit. then money would not have to be cheapened.
  5. Bernanke is the captain of the Titanic and his awareness of the situation is that "we're gonna have some wet carpets"
  6. Bernanke can only make cheap money. the government can control their borders if they so chose to.
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    This comdey of errors is fast becoming an all out slap stick farce.
  8. What else do you want from an Administration that has allowed the dollar to depreciate by 50% over 7 years, and yet has a Treasury Secretary and President that continues to claim that they have ALWAYS advocated a STRONG DOLLAR POLICY.

    Bush and his appointees are a joke.
    From Rumsfeld, to Gonzales, to Chertoff.
    Every last one of them.
  9. mvic do you wish to add something or do you just want to attack somebody's character.
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