oh god oil is at 56 I bought at 57 oh my god

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    I can't stop poking fun at you amateurs

    I would respect progress no matter how slow

    but you guys have no chance in hell of becoming my competition

    I got nothin to worry about :p
  2. There is nothing like that euphoric feeling when the market is right and you are on the same side of the fence. We have all been there. The question is have you visited the other side of this equation? D0 not worry.... you will. we all have.
  3. apak


    talking to a veteran here

    I would challenge an elephant to a wrestling match ONLY if I had a plan B

    and yes you may quote this above freely :)
  4. You're most likely under 25 years old and like to "watch the markets" during the day before heading off to bus tables around 5pm.

    Your writing style is indicative of the texting teen generation.

    Veteran my ass.
  5. Good Analysis

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  7. Yep, like this guy is a oil futures/options trader.

  8. I would have to agree with BullAlert's assessment. A lot of traders are cocky but the good ones also posses certain humbleness and they don't certainly rave about it anonymous on an internet message board like some teenager that wants confirmation from his friends.
  9. Signs of someone who hasn't experienced the other side of a trade yet. Your time will come.
  10. Let's calculate the roll gap losses over time, shall we?
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