Oh God, I love you man!!!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bungrider, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. I gotta say today was nice. The volatility was back. It opened strong, whimpered a bit, and then got FEROCIOUS at the end. Good day for traders. Good volume, good liquidity. Well-timed selloff at the end. Like the world series.

    Anyway, I can tell that most, or all of you have had a good day. You're all about giving each other back rubs and sh!t, licking gordon's wounds, giving advice like it was going out of style, acting all wise and natural. Nothing against gordon, but he's like a naked woman at mardi gras. All of you are trying to get in there to cop a feel and warm him up.

    I'm reading this shit while I'm burning CD's, and I'm like what the f^ck is with all of this spiritual sh!t I'm reading on the boards.

    Reading crap like:

    "I need to touch my inner trader"

    "Oh God, I'd get a van and mad b!tches if I could make 20points per day"

    "I love trading so much I'm going to sell my granddaddy's wig to pay my commissions because I'm paying like $13 a trade plus ECN fees to trade 200sh lots"

    "I'm gonna join that prop firm and find my jedi master to guide me to being profitable"

    "How much money can I make when I actually start trading real money? I woulda made like a million dollars if I had been trading for real today."

    Anyway, just my observations. Today was really good and really fun. Aside from mooks and rebate morons getting in my way every now and then, of course.
  2. always good for a chuckle, bung. where U been lately?
  3. Nothing like getting caught in a TXU halt, nearly sh*tting my pants, nearly sh*tting Dustin's (cause he followed me into it), and nearly chucking a monitor across the room out of frustration b/c it took them 3 god damn hours to figure out what the news was that they halted it for. It was a great day.
    - On the upside, I did make 12k when the pig reopened up three points.
    - Guess that beats it reopening at 7 when I'm long 4500 shares (right?).
  4. Fine job, P2....whenever you post a trade like this, I can't help wondering, "why didn't he just short it on the way down instead of trying for the bottom?"

    Of course, I love picking bottoms, too...but then I realized that staying with the trend is often easier.
  5. whaaa-aaa? you're sounding like aphie and gg now.
  6. "Oh God, I love you man!!! '

    Yeah right but you still can't have my Bud!
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    or mine either mofo!! :D :D