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    I am genuinely pleased that I stumbled on to this message board – I have picked up a wealth of information. But the constant whining and complaining is getting a little old – know what I mean?

    So and so is a crook, the other guy is snake oil. The seminar is a rip-off, the book is pure crap! On and on it goes. Venders who are holding back the real secrets, or only parting with material that no longer works.

    It always seems to be the same characters who do the complaining – yet who apparently wonder from guru to guru. Never finding what they want, because it does not exist.

    Occasionally such bitching is amusing. Sometimes the anguish evokes a sense of sympathy, but after a while one is left more disgusted than anything else.

    I know of no vender who is a crook. I know of no author who has not sincerely attempted to pass on valid information. But apparently the place is crawling with disgruntled customers ready, willing and able to blame their own short-comings on to someone else.

    Not one of the people you accuse has ever promised a sure thing. Yet that is obviously the message you came away with, because that’s what you wanted to hear.
  2. <i>I know of no vender who is a crook. </i>

    Good for you. So if you don't know of a crook, there must not be any? You are the definitive authority? There are no frauds in the day trading industry?
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    Enlighten me....
  4. On what do you base your far-reaching assertion that there are no guru crooks?

    If you knew one who was a crook, would you not want to warn people?
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    Enlighten me...

    otherwise I must assume that you are a sore looser...
  6. Tampa, I couldn't agree more. For hundreds of years of written history the sages have told us you get what you focus on. If you're watching out for "crooks" (or whatever words you happen to define evil with) you're likely to find them.

    While the whiners are warning us, the true masters are spending their time honing skills, learning, practicing, focusing, etc.

    If you'll forgive me for getting a bit spiritual: there is an idea from eastern philosophy about positive and negative energy; you draw to you the type of energy you put out. Stress, heart disease, marital problems, and yes, your bank account problems are caused by YOU! and no one else.

    By my stepping out on a limb I realize that the vast majority reading this will just scoff at it. If you are one of those scoffers, first, ask yourself: are you really happy, are you getting out of life what you want? Is your trading all it can be. If the answer is no, perhaps you now have a hint where some change needs to come from.
  7. If you are going to label vendors crooks and snake oil (as you called David Nassar on another thread) then I think you should, at the very least, explain your direct dealings with specific vendors and why you now regard him/her/them as crooks and snake oil.
    Not all vendors are crooks/snake oil and as such, shouldn't be automatically grouped with those that are (if there are any).
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    There are no frauds in the day trading industry?

    Enlighten me....

    From "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities" magazine (full page ad on p.19, March 2002) which I picked up for free at the Expo in NY.:

    Stunning Breakthrough...

    You'll know all your trade probabilities and possibilities in advance! You will know... even as you place each trade... that it's virtually a sure-thing winner. That you'll win on more than 90% of your trades!
    Right now, current market projections show $10,000 will grow to $794,968 by December, 2002.
    And that's the low-end, conservative profits you can expect. If market conditions are right, your gains will be substantially greater.

    Blah, blah, blah, blah..........
  9. tampa,

    I have a completely different perspective from you. I see posters who are genuinely trying to prevent newbies from being scammed out of their money by inflated claims or worse, losing their hard-earned trading stakes in futile strategies. There are a number of vendors who have earned respect here and get it. The ones that receive the most criticism tend to be the ones who generate bogus spam about how great they are.
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    Couldn't have taken the words out of my mouth any better.

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