Oh crap, what now?

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    Hi all,

    I switched on the PC this morning and IE browser is locked (can't scroll, in Outlook Espress can't select messages, Norton Internet Security is not performing Antivirus scan...I think it's pretty safe to conclude that I've got a problem. I've got no idea how to resolve this. I've run Adware and it has not changed anything. Tried doing system restore - it freezes. I run Windows XP Home Edition.

    Could someone be so kind as to advise what can be done, I don't even know which virus has affected the PC.

  2. Just swap your backup hard drive into your system and bring it up to date.
  3. romik


    what backup drive? i have 2 drives in the PC, I am not too tech minded really, can't I do somekind of visrus scan in safe mode or I also have GoBack Symantec, is that going to do any good?
  4. Try doing both of those. Can your 2nd HD boot and be brought current?
  5. romik


    One is FAT32 and another one is NTFS os something of a kind. All software is on FAT32 drive, I really don't know what I have to do :confused: I have no knowledge of computers on that level.
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    the last thing that can help is booting Windows in a safe mode (press F8 right after you switched on your computer) and then choose the last system restore point that worked.
  7. romik


    ok thanks i'll try that
  8. Whether you get it back up or not, for the future consider:

    1. Norton Ghost or a similar imaging program (Acronis Truebackup, etc).
    2. Online backups : http://www.systemrecovery.com/

  9. romik


    GoBack got it sorted, thank you all.
  10. Add to the online backup list: www.mozy.com


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