Oh Canada... Canada to oppose global bank tax

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by colinpip, Feb 18, 2010.

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  2. Good for them.

    Why should Canadians pay for decades of malignant republican mis-rule. Reagans/republican war mongering, borrow and spend trickle down piss-on-you economics is coming home to roost.
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    You're an idiot aren't you.
  4. Canadians know that if the capital flows seize up, protectionism returns, commodities collapse, etc, and they don't want that.
  5. Interesting to note that Canada does not have and never as had
    a Gov. mandate on banks and Mortgage Co.'s to facilitate loans to sub-prime borrowers. Thus, no Canadian bank had to be bailed-out in the recent meltdown. It should alarm everyone here that the Community Reinvestment Act has not been repealed.
    Once the US economy recovers, there will be efforts by Dem's to once again apply affirmative action rules to home lending-thus laying the groundwork for another financial trainwreck in the future.

  6. The days of blaming this mess or any mess on democrats or anyone else is long over.

    Since 1980, except for Clinton's 8 years, republicans have been in charge and have been f'n Americans every which way they can.

    In a saner world we'd be spending money fighting these domestic terrorists than fighting useless wars for the benefit of large oil and gas corporations.

    The party of "NO" and their slaves should be made NO MORE.

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    ffs I can't believe some of you still actually think there are genuinely two parties in America. Damnit people, Democrats and Republicans are the same. They both cave in to religious and corporate lobbyists. They both want wars to keep going and they both have a bunch of assholes in either party.

    That hasn't changed now and it hasn't changed since the revolutionary days.
  8. Thank god the Canadian government is standing firm on this. A bank tax is just another way for governments to take more money. It won't solve anything at all. It certainly won't "fix" excessive risk taking.

    Down with taxes.
  9. All political banter aside, I believe the US would do well to adopt the Canadian model for Credit Risk Protocals in Banking.