Oh Boy! They're Prepping for a "2nd Stimulus Plan!!!"

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  1. Gee oh golly. Since the first one worked so well, why not repeat it's success to the demise of the taxpayer, with all this bullshit, inefficient, interventionist government pork!!!

    I mean, the government has already put the taxpayer on the hook for 12 trillion (with 2 trillion in direct spending), with nothing to show for it, so why not double down?

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    Another Pelosi/Dodd slush fund that stimulates nothing
  3. Japan had how many stimulus packages over the last 18 years? Half a dozen or so.
  4. We should all be extensively studying Japan's last 18 years and preparing ourselves for a similar but probably much worse 15-25 years upcoming. Can anything really be done about it at this point. I think we should have left everything alone and let the banks fail, fannie & freddy fail, and let the car companies fail, and then it would have probably only lasted 1/4 to 1/2 as long. I thing I read somewhere someone compared it to pulling a piece of tape off your skin. Do it quick.
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    At this point, does it really matter? Okay, I suppose there would be some who could argue that there is a difference between "broke" and "broker".
  6. Correct, and the buy of a life time. But knowwwwww lets prop up failures.
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    But CNBC told me that there will be a second half recovery.
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    Because the first one worked so well.
  9. How would you buy when all the money you have in the bank is gone?

    Or are you 100% precious metals and or cash?
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    Here is my stimuls plan


    Just think of all the reconstruction needs, not to mention the savings.
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