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  1. My waitress friends told my in a chat on a work-break that her husband is also an enthusiastic trader. I was so surprised these days how many people are directly attached to the industry. Anyhow, she said they are considering to move to Vancouver, Canada, settle there, raise family, and do business. The living standard and infrastructure are quite good and the life style change and culture shock are virtually none, comparing to other offshore countries. The benefit is that Canadian government only collect tax on the 50% of the gains. So she said that alone can save 10% to 20% for her husband's successful trading business, let slightly lower living cost alone. They are also going to have more kids in Vancouver.
  2. I hope they enjoy cloud and rain.
  3. Clouds and rain - the identification of any Queen-ruled (or affiliated) city :d
    London, Oxford, Northampton, ermm.. Vancouver (in "British" Columbia)
  4. Be careful, the tax laws as they pertain to short term trading are not very clear in Canada. If you are trading part time you may be able to get away with capital gains but if you are doing it full time theres a chance you'll be charged full income tax. You might be better off in a Carribean Island or Europe.
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    if you go to canada is a good firm to with with.