Offshore tax haven trading LLC and compliance with all tax laws

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    In the country I live you are allowed to incorporate offshore as a long the reason you are doing it is not to ONLY avoid or deffer taxes but you must have other legitimate reasons as well

    In my case I'm already following that guideline since the original purpose I set this up was to avoid the reporting nightmares the tax laws of my country imposes(you need to report EVERY profitable transaction during the year, you are also not allowed to deduct losses if the investment or trade was made abroad)
    But I'm thinking of going a step further and setting up an website and offering consulting services or selling guides or other services to show this is not to JUST avoid taxes(because it isnt, I will lose money due the fees to incorporate and time in the short-run)
    but I wonder if somebody has other ideas
  2. If you live in the US, trade futures (only need to put in your 60/40 totals) or trade your retirement account (no need to report anything). If you are too clever, you may wind up on the wrong side of an investigation.

    Funny. Your "I set this up to avoid the reporting nightmares the tax laws of my country imposes" does not seem what your title "Offshore tax haven trading LLC" implies.
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    I haven't found a dictionary where tax haven is defined as 'written admission of tax fraud' but maybe I'm not looking hard enough
    You are clearly a sheep who got convinced by scare tatics of the irs to live your life like an servant because otherwise the swat would be knocking your door down with cash sniffing dogs because you failed to disclose a $50 wire
    I'm not american and your suggestions are silly to say the least