Offshore prop firms

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by windycity69, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Have any of the prop firms thought about setting up offices offshore? Bright,assent,echo..Was thinking Costa Rica as an example...With taxes and regulations over the top i would think it would be a positive venture.... especially since many of the gambling/sports books are off shore there and am sure they have all the tech infrastructure in place...Any thoughts on this would be appreciated...
  2. Surdo


    It would be a regulatory nightmare for these firms.

    Just establish residency in another country, ... it is really not that hard to trade as an individual or entity "offshore".
  3. karth


    In my search for one i found Nevis trading based out of W.Indies , they have some sort of tie up JC trading..
  4. Surdo


    Nevis will not open an account for US citizen, FYI!
  5. karth


    Surdo, you are correct. I did not think about that. Me being a foreigner , didnt bother me much.
  6. NYC212


    assent, bright are registered with an exchange and the traders are registered as well, so that would be a problem