Offshore entities accepted by IB?

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  1. I have a friend from Japan who wants to set up an offshore partnership for a hedge fund in the British Virgin isles. Can that entity have an account at IB? If yes, are there any limitations or does it trade like a regular universal account? I know that he needs a British Isles bank account to link to IB. He has legal help in setting everything up, but he doesn't want to go to the trouble if he cannot set up a trading account with IB. Thanks for your help.
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    Maybe he should contact IB sales directly and ask? There are lots of small formal requirements an outsider is likely to miss.
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    I can't speak for Japan, but I am in the process of setting up a Singapore business account with IB and I am going thru the IB-US branch/arm for reigistration. Process is very similar to setting up US corp or LLC, just a lot of paperwork.
  4. Seriously? Why?

    I have just opened a new futures account after moving from Mirus, and while I had to sign a LOT of paperwork...
    ....the amount related to my business identity was miniscule (and I live in Poland, polish registered business).

    Basically, I provided a certified translation of all normal business documents and that was it. THis is pretty much what I would have expected and doing business internatinally (not just trading) I have those ready and updated anyway.

    I did not find anything particular hard in my case. Yes, they may need translations of the documents, but so what ;)
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    Yes and its not hard