Offshore brokers (or offshore banks with brokerage services). Any ?

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  1. I already know trade zero (bahamas) and cmcmarkets (trindad and tobago)

    More ?
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    Activtrades Bahamas
  3. Open a BVI Corporation, set up a bank account linked to that BVI Corporation, as in the same exact name (any jurisdiction that is not black-listed, will suffice), then open an account at Interactive Brokers, in less than 24 hours.

    Plenty of banks out there, like ScotiaBank, with international presence.

    And you are DONE!
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    I think he is already using IB (from other thread). Does this BVI solution work with other US brokers?
  5. CFD (is not a real stock broker)
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    Which laws in the U.S. are you trying to get around?

    Schwab has banking & brokerage services in multiple countries but won't do you much good since you'll be required to prove residence.
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    Not trying to get around any laws. As it's not law but rather extra work for the broker so they don't bother with most EU countries. Schwab is only setup in Germany.
  8. Every single one of them...
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  9. Tenkofx, 8 years and running. For serious trading, high leverage on stock
  10. i need a real stock broker, not cfd
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