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  1. Hey does any one have a list of good offshore brokerage firms? Also does anyone now of some which are not going to kill me on a round turn per trade. I would like something under 5.00 dollars but I don't believe I'm going to find that, hopefully something close.

    Thanks for your help.
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    It may depend on where you are, what exactly you mean by offshore, and what you want to trade, but many combinations are OK at IB, with US$2.40 commish (4.80 round turn).
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    Thanks for the info I will give them a call tommorrow to find out if the can help. They look promising. Have you used them before? Has any one?

    I'm just curious becasue I'm thinking of going offshore with my financial investments and i would like to keep on trading, but I want a firm outside of North America to deal with.
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    If you are trying to illegally evade taxes. Please don't call or open an account with IB.

    If I'm reading the intention of your post incorrectly, my apologies.
  5. Not very difficult to find a brokerage located at Zurich (CH) or Zug (CH).
  6. What are you trading?
  7. Bad idea ...
  8. trading Futures,

    Metooxx what would you recommend?
  9. Depends, I will send you my number call me in a couple of hours.
  10. I would absolutely, positively NEVER ever open an account with a swiss brokerage. Just a private opinion!:eek:
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