Official Thread For The Obama Rally!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by arealpissedgoy, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. This thread marks the Official beginning of the Obama Rally!

    Buy hand over fist. Cause' we going higher!

    You can thank Obama later!
  2. Markets usually don't like higher taxes.

    In fact, if the market was not washed out as it is, taxation would be the main topic now.

    Whoever gets in, and it certainly looks like O, will have to raise taxes soon or later. Read my lips:).

  3. What's the theory behind the "Obama rally"? Everyone will be so happy from all the "change", or what?
  4. If (when) big O wins, does this mean the US has finally become color blind and 100% multi-cultural?

    Thank God. I'm really tired of hearing how the rest of the world hates us (he is gonna gather the nations and sing happy songs of love).

    Now that we (US) will have been brought down to everyone else's sub superpower level, we should all be able to get along.....right?

    Ah, life in a socialist utopia will be grand.

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    I thought this HUGE decline was all about the likelihood he was going to win.... ??
  6. NY_HOOD


    obama is white,brought up by white grandparents. that is why he has family values and believes those that have babies should be responsible people rather than a 19 year old who decides to have 3 babies with three different men because she thinks having a baby is like buying a pitbull puppy.
    as long as over 80% of black children are born out of wedlock,the black community will be crime ridden anf filled with uneducated and unskilled . after all,with no father figure,who is going to enforce discipline in the houshold? the grandmother !
  7. NoDoji


    Because minimum wage hasn't even tripled in the past 3 decades yet the cost of everything's gone up 8 times or more what it was 3 decades ago, it now takes 2 or more people to support a family, leaving nobody at home to raise the kids.

    A few years ago I heard Rush Dittohead say, "Kennedy, Kennedy, everyone says how great president Kennedy was. During Kennedy's presidency unemployment was 50%!"

    Uh, yeah it probably was. As I recall, there was almost always a non-working parent at home with the family.
  8. just21


    Raising taxes may be good for the dollar if the amount of borrowing is therefore cut.
  9. But it won't stupid, the govt will just spend more.
  10. You need to check your facts. Unemployment numbers DID NOT include those stay at home moms. Different times, different criteria.

    I can see arguing logic against your emotion will be like arguing critical thinking with a 5 year old.

    How many people in a job longer than 6 months actually make minimum wage? You have been swooned to a falsehood that we have houselhold earning minimum wage. This is absolutely false.

    McD's value meal (big mac) in 1985 was $ $4.49. Since that seems to be the meal of choice for many of those minimum wagers you erroneously site, I don't see the inflationary argument you do.

    Maybe some of those "minimum wage households" should cut the "required" cell phone, LOL
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