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  1. every time we have a big late day bounce just before the market could have gone off the cliff a bunch of people come out on elite and claim the plunge protection team did it. i just thought i would get the thread started.
  2. And we must assume you vehemently deny their existence, is that correct sir?
  3. show us the proof. do you have any idea how many people would have to be involved? how do you keep something like that quiet? another problem is that every trade can be traced. someone would have found some proof by now.
  4. Get your own hands dirty and do some digging. But you strike me as an angry individual looking to pick fights. Sorry, I wont bite.
  5. you cant because there is no proof. im not angry but if you hung around here as long as i have you start to see a pattern. it gets funny after a while.
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    It's indisputable that there's a "PPT". It's equally clear that the Fed is not concerned about a concession in equity prices from these levels. Heck, every hour there's a Fed governor on the tape talking the market lower. IMO, most of the liquidity injections over the last half year have been aimed at the long end of the Treasury curve with the notion of keeping bonds in check during the tightening cycle. Alas much of that liquidity found it's way into stocks. An unintended consequence. If I was long stocks I wouldn't count on Fed accommodation at these prices.....
  7. Why don't you ask the locals on the floor of any exchange. I suppose that would be hard to do out in the Dakota region.
  8. That last trading hour was one crazy ride!!

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    the problem with being a bear is that you have to fight a 10% a year positive drift. keep on shorting and then blame it on the PPT
  10. Sir, I might direct you to this post for starters. I am sure if one were to spend the time to do objective research and due diligence into the question at hand, one could find a littany of evidence.


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    Quote from Alexandre:

    so effectively, the PPT is doing more than it is being asked which would be to ensure markets do not experience crashes.
    They are now propping up the market and even contributing to move it higher.
    Also the fact that people believe a crash will not be allowed to occur reinforces the propping up.

    Yeah, I think you summed it up. What China is doing may be a catalyst to takes us all under. With that said, you just do not want to step in front GSachs and Morgan in Spoo pit (or when their screen monkeys go wild) when the 00 account starts buying. Once you see it. You will not forget it. It is soo blatant. It is as if ----they say "OK you sure you still want to be short"? "We are now buying for God and oh he has deep pockets".

    I was on a very well known desk in Sept. 11. My boss was well connected and was semi-retired after running a desk for a well known Hedge Fund Manager. Anyhow, he was in a very good information flow. The morning meeting after the Sept 11 ---went as follows: "We have been off a few days and the word has went out to all the desk esp. the well known funds. If anyone is going to take advantage of this market by shorting size or doing anything "UnAmerican". The powers to be are going to bury you. The PPT wants everyone to cover shorts and be Patriotic. So I personally am covering shorts and waiting for the buying to start. I suggest none you do anything stupid that puts us on the radar screen."

    I believe that is what they do as well. They just put in Fear in the air. You might remember in the book Market Wizards. Paul Tudor Jones sounded scared to death of the phone call questioning him from a "high ranking Govt official". He sounded paranoid. Tudor Jones is NOT STUPID and there is a reason he has not said a whole lot since then. He made a ton of money in the Crash and you better believe they scared the hell out of him.
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