Official News: LEH files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy

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  1. No white knights in the night to save Lehman.
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    Did everyone think that each of these failures would end up going the way of BSC.
  3. link ?
  4. i never knew a corporation could file for personal bankruptcy??!?!?!!?
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    They just confirmed via CNBCW.
  6. Recall


    Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy

    ( but look at the time of that story 7:30 PM EST...something seems fishy... how come nobody else has reported it since??)

    I don't trust the government at all any longer
  7. gwac


    Only the holding company filed. Broker dealer is open for business..


  8. Monkeys talking about it.

    The old idiot is a complete shill. Radigan is reading the teleprompter like a complete zombie.

    They still don't get it, or they are being paid to lie.

  9. they still don't get what?

    the fact that the guy on main street did not have to bail out yet another group of monkeys drowning in the shit they were purveying to others?

    who do you think ends up paying for all the mistakes these highly compensated monkeys were/are making?

    it's the corner mechanic barely trying to make ends meet who is picking up the tab. corporate welfare at its best.

    the fact is wall street could slide off into the atlantic and much of main street would not miss a beat.
  10. CNBC/US is the megaphone for Paulson and the Merry Men of Pennsylvania Ave.
    The goal now: prevent a panic run on US banks.
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