Official List And Breakdown For Thains Office Revamp

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  1. will people please take the stick out of their ass about this. in 2007 he made like 50 mil, if you were making that kind of money for years and decorated your office with ikea shit you are an idiot. i would have done this as well, maybe even been a little more obscene- so i think people need to take a step back and get a little realistic here for a second.

  2. Start here:

    I'm torn with Thain. The guy was a worth several hundred million in his early 40's (or more). What is he supposed to do with the money? How many houses does a guy need?

    And if anything, Lewis from BAC should be canned for getting fooled like that. (Though, behind the scenes, I'm sure there was so much more going on than we will ever know.)
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    nice link! looks like he was just trying to max out his approved budget.

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    he actually came in under budget...what's the big deal...
  5. The big deal is there are kids starving to death because they don't have food to eat, than you have SOB's like this who think they are god and go spending 45k for a fucking toilet.

    That is the big deal.
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    Your mediocrity amuses me. What the hell do starving children have to do with this? Thain deserves every bit of the bonus he wants.
    He saved MER shareholders alot of money, BAC overpaid massively. Hats off to Thain, arguable the most clever exec of the big five investment banks of yesteryear.
  7. Exactly right. He did a great job for Merrill Lynch shareholders. Thats what matters.

    But where do all these crazies come from, overruning ET with their bitter blue collar envy? Successfully playing in markets (futures or stocks) is a capitalist game where you need to use your brains accurately, free and clear, NOT clogged with all this blue collar and underclass dogshit.:cool: