Official: EU banks have to raise $140 billion

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    These words came out of the mouth of merkel - can you believe it
  3. Shocking.
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    did u see the photo of her with sarkozy, she looks like she's being threatened, makes germany look docile
  5. Everything is gonna be fine.

    It always is.
  6. IT wll all be over by christmas
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    Disunited States of Europe :D

    Maybe Merkel has just learned how much german banks are in deep $hit and how much money germany will have to spend to bail them out: better divert attention to other targets :D
  9. Oct. 22, 2011. Eurozone finance ministers said Saturday they have agreed that banks should accept substantially bigger losses on their Greek bonds, with a new report suggesting that writedowns of up to 60 percent may be necessary.


    21% = 70%

    60% = penny