Official closing price at expiration?

Discussion in 'Options' started by turkeyneck, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. I sold C $4 Jun 2010 CC but didn't cover. Currently it's ATM. Any idea what official closing price will they use to figure out the assignment? It closed at $4.01 at 4pm ET but it traded at $3.99 AH. Thanks!
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    Regarding automatic exercise, the value used will be the close of the regular trading session, so it will be 4.01.

    The value is so close to the strike price that you can easily get assigned. Wait until Sunday to find out.
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    Yes, there's that pesky pin risk. I'd imagine that some of those calls will be exercised, some won't. Whether or not you get assigned is completely up in the air right now.
  4. I thought he would get automatically assigned because it is 1c in the money.
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    I've had short options more than a penny ITM at expiration that I didn't get assigned. With the closing price so close to the strike price, I wouldn't count on anything (and I definitely wouldn't DEPEND on getting or not getting assigned). Just wait until Sunday to see what happens.
  6. But then the long call holder can call his broker and instruct him not to auto exercise.
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    The close isn't the only reason for exercise. By Sunday night you'll know if you were assigned and you can deal with it in the pre-market Monday, if necessary.
  8. You should be happy. That is a hole in one!
  9. I got assigned without fail... :(