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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by theShadow, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. I hear several of the larger "pro" firms are closing non-producing offices in '04.
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    I nominate this for the most informative post of the year award.
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    give names or leave it alone.
  4. Actually, we were in the fortunate situation to begin this in 2003. Since we started the expansion before the other firms, we were able to get out of the expensive leases at very opportune times.

    Because of this, we are now able to proceed with our next stage of growth, hire anothe 18 managers over the next 24 months, and expand our business beyond the "day trading" limitations of the last few years.

    As always, stay tuned!

  5. hey, this sounds very, very good

    exactly what are you in reference to?, expand beyond the daytrading limitations?
  6. And because I knew that I won a $100 bet.

    I bet another trader that you would post on this thread before the day is over.

    Easy money. LOL
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    That's funny.

    Nice work Shadow.

  8. '

    The Press Releases should hit next week, from the "Big Apple."

    (Boy, the "shadow" got me, poor ol' "gullible" me.....thanks "shadow" for helping me spread the gospel, LOL )

    Don :cool:
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    Next stage of growth???...Is SLK letting you ditch Redi-Junk
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    Seriously Don can you stop promoting your firm in every f**king thread?

    It's to the point where I suspect you are simply full of crap because you just cannot stop bragging about how great your firm is. If you are doing so great, you do not need such non stop repetitious promotions.
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