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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Truff, Aug 17, 2008.

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    Anybody know a good place to get a good offcie desk for trading. Looking for an L shape desk that can handle multiple monitors but looks good as well. Thanks in advance
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    is the desk in an open area or will it be in a corner (so that two sides will be against walls)?

    dunno if you have any interest in designing/building your own, but you could do a floating desk in an L-shape if the desk will be corner loaded. it would mean wall-mounting your monitors, but would look clean and very slick.

    this looks like a decent L-shaped for not a lot of $$. SimplyDesk has plenty of others to choose from as well. also has a wide selection. also has a lot of desks to select from. so does this place.

    dunno about the $$ factor, but CustomDesk looks to have some nice things as well.

    or have these guys build one for you.

    and, of course, Ikea has many different desks to choose from. in fact, there was one called the Effektiv T which was kind of a variation of a L-desk and a corner desk. dunno if they still make them, but have seen them for sale from time to time (ebay, craigslist, etc).

  4. Check out Craigslist.
    I've seen a lot of nice used one there.
    Depends on your area.
  5. To be honest the best thing I did was buy posts at Menards(local big box hardware store) and attach them to 3/4 in. plywood that I cut to my desired shape, depth, and length. I used the same 3/4 in. plywood for the sides and back with cutouts where needed for cords. I probably over did the support, but I can stand on it with everything on it and it doesn't move at all. All done for less than $100. I don't have a need to spend crap loads on stuff like desks, lamps, and the like. I'd rather spend it on the necesities like computers, monitors, toys, and flight time.:) I have the other crap in the rest of the house to keep the wife happy, although she does like this setup better than my old store bought desk.
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    i agree tac. i'm using my second DIY desk and have plans for making a 3rd this fall. and, my apologies to the OP, my initial assumption was that the OP was not very interested in the DIY route. if that is not the case, the possibilities are endless. for starters, there are tons of plans (like this highly detailed project) online for little or nothing.

    you can also use a desk you see and like as inspiration for your own creation. i really dig Carlo Mollino's desk but i'm content to keep over 11k and build my own version. this probably won't be my trading desk, but it's just too striking for me to ignore.

    not to mention all the different materials you could use (plywood, hardwood, steel, glass, concrete, etc). sky's the limit, in material and design ...

    yeah, i'm with Brick Tamland on this: I love ... desk. :D
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