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    I am looking into renting a small office in the tampa Bay area. To trade out of. I know that there are small executive suites available. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look. I am looking for space close to the airport area. Any into that one could provide would be appreciated. Ex location price lease length.

    I remember The building next to ONe BUc place/International mall had a few trading offices in em Ex WorldCO and a few others. Does anyone know how much they are and what the lease entails.
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    When one rents these small offices is Internet connection included? Does anyone know how reliable it is....? How about cable connection?
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    I called Corporate Center at International Plaza they are next to the international mall. Those small 1or 2 person offices are 1500 bucks a month. They are 140 sq feet. This seems pretty expensive to me. Is this the going rate for one of those small executive suites. Internet and cable are like 250 extra a month. I was hoping to find an office for much cheaper...
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    The corporate offices there were not only expensive but bandwidth was an issue as well. Since everyone in the corp. office shared a connection it was often that some bonehead downloaded a virus and slowed the whole network to a crawl. The solution was a dedicated t1 but once again... expensive
  5. That's ridiculously high. You can rent Class A office space in the Tampa area for around $20/sq. ft.

    You might check these people out.
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    $20 per sq foot in a 140 sq foot office would be $ 2800 that right? You said 1500 was ridiculously high...for a 140sq ft office......what is a fair price to pay including good intenet access
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    the rent is so high in the corporate offices because of the generally short length of the lease... eg 3 months.
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    gimp570, I used to trade from an office in Tampa but had to move home to Boston for family reasons.

    I still have the office, but it was rented until a few months ago. It is currently vacant. Here's the info:

    Bank of America tower downtown
    101 East Kennedy Blvd
    Suite 2440

    Size: 617 square feet

    Furnished with 2 desks

    Rent: I am willing to rent it for $1,000 a month. Please note that this is below my monthly payment and works out to $19.44 a square foot annualized. I think this is a great deal for Class A space in the best location in Tampa.

    Length of sublease: You can sublet through August 2007, which is when my lease is up.


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    Thanks But i am looking for something much smaller..> and hopefully cheaper....I only need around 120 sq feet .....

    thanks though
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