Office space in New York City (Midtown) available for individual trader

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  1. We are seeking a tenant to sublease a desk in a small private office located in Midtown. Our previous tenant left last week to move into a larger office. Ideally, we would like to have a tenant who is quiet or has a “quiet” business, i.e. trader (start up hedge fund manager), real estate appraiser; independent financial advisor; mortgage broker, operator of a web-based business, etc.

    Office is located in Midtown across from 1 Penn Plaza. Near the, NJ PATH, Amtrak, 1, 2, 3, A, C, E, N, Q, R and W trains. Madison Square Garden is around the corner. Great location!!

    *Large cherry desk w/ glass top (three drawers)
    *Black leather chair
    *Use of fax machine
    *Use of color laser printer (may use as much as you would like, but we will request you contribute to the cost of the ink cartridges if you use it frequently (i.e. hundreds of pages per day).
    *Free DSL line
    *There are two phone lines in the office. You may use either one as long as we are not using them. However, if your business is phone based you may consider adding a line.
    *Free long distance in the US.
    *Postage meter available if needed
    *Ready made office (office supplies, printing paper, staplers, etc.)
    *24-hour access
    *Very clean building with elevator
    *Month to month lease
    *May use our computers, but again, as long as we are not using them.

    Must be dependable. First months rent + $450 security deposit is required, totaling $900. Available immediately. If you would like to view the office this week, please email,
  2. better question is I did not know you were allowed to sublease a hallway lol
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    450$ a month to rent a desk?
  4. An independent financial advisor or a mortgage broker is not a quiet business...those guys should be on the phone all the time.
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    I don't know too many traders that fit this requirement, at least not all of the time... :D
  6. 3 people share this small space on a daily basis? I bet there are phones going off at any given time, other people visiting the office and the click-clatteting of keyboards in the background.

    I cant imagine working in a place like this.
  7. I am not sure why you would waste your time commenting on this post. You would think you would have something better to do.

    The office is empty 80% of the time. I work out of my home. Yes, $450 for the desk. I assume you have no idea of the cost of an office in Manhattan., let alone Midtown, next to Penn Station.

    I realize it is a small space. That is why is it only $450, which includes DSL, phone, fax, everything in the office, etc. Considering the office is empty most of the time, I do not forsee a problem with a mortage broker or financial advisor building his or her business. THat being said, ideally, we are looking for a trader, as we are. Hence the reason why I posted this ad on

    Its a good deal for someone starting a business or in need of a small space at a good location.

    Anyone interested pls email.
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    i scream and curse like my boy sykes all the time and punch holes in the wall when trades to sour.

    there goes my deposit..
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    . 450 is a deal in nyc considering all thats included
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    if your claustrophobic do not apply
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