Office Retail Traders - where to go?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mujotrader, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. What are good office trading opportunities for
    retail (independent) traders.

    In the Dallas area first. Otherwise, where else?
    I might even move.

    (I see a lot of closing of offices, like
    which went from 19 offices down to 2. I was trading
    at ProTrader in Dallas, which has an excellent execution
    platform - gr8trade).
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    well where I trade is just excellant. I sit next to a trader who last Thursday closed out his p&l up $75K....yes it is true....I couldn't believe it and was told not to speak to him (lol yes)...but he introduced himself to me and we talked a little bit.....but I am in a truly professional environment finaly and to trade in the office on a retail level though requires $30K initial deposit. That is non-negotiable and really gleans out the chumps as far as I am concerned....but I wasn't charged any seat fees as well and the atmosphere is electric especially the high level of trading experience their.



    When I traded in an office back in the late 90's, prior to going remote and trading from home, I knew a guy who on occasion made $30K to $40K in a day. And occasionally he'd have a losing day where he might lose $20K.
  4. Contact John at Augusta Securities in Houston...they use Protrader, Iq and clear a couple different firms...they shoudl be known as " last man standing" in Houston...i was told they have all the old Protraer and Momentum guys....good luck
  5. what is the leverage provided by these firms ?

    is there a desk fee, or any negative attitude towards light trading volume ?

  6. Don't really know...I just post the info...I've met so mnay firms over the last 10 years.... i just pass on what Im " told" in conversations, not what i "know" from working there..sorry
  7. If you can ... move. For the right place, it's worthwhile as far as the learning experience.