Office in CBOT Bldg avail.

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    Small trading group in CBOT/CME building has private, locking, windowed office with(no charge)/without furniture for sublease. (min 1year) Same or less than you'd pay for cubicle.
    Nice setup, reasonable. Ethernet, Lounge area with leather couches, sink, refrig. Quiet.
    Share or don't share any of the following:

    1. Fiber optic connection to inerstitial cabinet on floor(<1ms)
    2. Redundant AT&T Business class DSL for backup/charting
    3. Merlin phone system with receptionist.
    4. HP Laserjet high cap. networked printer.
    5. HP Laserjet fax machine.
    6. Brother high output copier.

    email me if interested, come check it out.
  2. They should rename the classifieds to "office space available..."
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  4. price?
  5. Pls PM me some further details