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    Hello good people,

    I am the proud and happy owner of a trading branch in
    an undisclosed location. Money has been steadily flowing
    into my pockets for the last few years, thanks to a pityful
    payout and my fierce determination to not cooperate
    with any of my traders.

    Unfortunately, these donkeys could never appreciate
    my acute business sense which has made me considerable
    amounts of cold hard cash for a long period of time.

    For some reason, I woke up one day to find that 90% of
    my traders were gone. Weird. I looked under the carpet. No.
    I looked under the desks. No. I looked in the local prisons. Yes!
    But only one of them was found in there.

    Why would God ever bestow such a terrible fate upon me,
    marvelously brilliant and honest businessman ?

    Was it the slave-like payouts ?
    Was it the dreadful atmosphere ?
    Was it my perfectly dumb office location ?
    Was it my utter lack of consideration for anything else than
    my big fat pockets ?
    Was it my constant ear-plugging ?
    One lie too many ?

    For the life of me, I cannot figure it out.

    So anyway, the point is that my superb office and all that it
    contains (details below) is now for sale at the ridiculously low price of 400,000$.


    - 47 ferociously outdated computers, complete with CRT monitors (LCDs are for losers).

    - 2 Sofas.

    - 1 huge-ass TV from somewhere before 1990.

    - 3 highly trained and COMPETENT traders (formely 20). I guarantee at least 500 in net P/L PER MONTH. THAT'S RIGHT.

    - 1 pooperific internet connection, which almost never goes down ! (this statement has NOT been audited by anyone trustworthy).

    - Some more crap.

    I can be reached via cell phone (good luck with that).

    I'm off to the SAQ. Goodbye.