Office/Desk Space Available in NYC

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    We are seeking to lease out a desk in our small office (300 sq. ft), located in Midtown, Manhattan. Ideal individual will be someone who is a trader, or who has computer based business and is in need of a physical office space. We are not looking for a lot of traffic rummaging in and out of the office, so we need someone who is quiet and is considerate of others.

    The location of the office is near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden on 34th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues. The office is enclosed with 3 large desks, one small. Includes fax machine, copier, color laser printer (if you frequently use the printer, than you will need to chip for the ink), air conditioner/heat and DSL. Additional phone line can be installed for your desk. However, if you need to use the phone periodically, we have lines available. Free long distance anywhere in the US. But if you want a dedicated phone line on your desk, you will be responsible for the expense, which is roughly $80 per month.

    Cost: $450 per month, plus 1 month security, totaling $900. All included, except dedicated phone line. We may have a computer available to lend you. If not, we will puchase a new Dell w/ Flatscreen, and we will ask you "rent" it out for as long as your using it. Bring your own system, laptop, etc, whatever you need.

    All included. Elevator building. No doorman, but pass key is needed to get into the office, which will be provided. 24 hour access. Very well kept building. Large cherry desk. Black leather chair. Office supplies available. Free use of our phones. DSL. Fax machine. Copier. Free use of laser printer, as long as it is not abused, otherwise we will ask you to contribute to the purchase of ink. We're not being cheap, but it costs $250 for laser ink cartridges.

    We are very flexible. Month to month lease or we can sign an agreement through the end of the year. We are in and out of the office, so half the time you will have the office to yourself. This desk space will go fast. It is perfect for an independent trader or computer based business. We are looking for the right person, the right fit. No credit credit.

    Please email with questions.