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  1. Anyone trying Microsoft Office 2013?

    I have the Office Professional Plus 2013, but have been using 2003 since it is just easy to use everyday. I have the others but 2007 really did do much I needed and seemed slow, 2010 was OK but it had database issues with slow access reads for some things I was doing. So day to day I tended to default to 2003.

    I have to say it is quite a change going to 2013. The animations in Excel where the active cell highlighter "slides" across the screen is really strange. You can turn it off, but I am trying to decide what works best after getting used to it.

    Outlook has some nice new features but got rid of some others, at this point I have had to do some things to trick it into getting my IMAP emails to work how I want.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone else is trying the 2013 Office products.
  2. I'm still using MS Office 2007, see nothing special to upgrade.
  3. same here.. still using the MS Office 2007.. its much more simpler and user friendly..
  4. My mistake I forgot where I was posting. You are obviously correct, Office 2007 is the best, and so is Vista. No question about it, all those silly facts don't matter.

    "much more simpler" pretty much sums it up for this site.
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    Exactly. Most versions are just to sell more product anyway, the shiny new cover is what sells and the benefits vs. the previous versions are secondary.
    Updating because of boredom tends to be a bad practice as more likely you'll encounter problems and waste your time fixing the pre service pack 1 problems instead of getting the time savings that advertisers are selling you.
  6. We have 2010 at my office. It's not bad, just a little prettier than the older versions. I have not seen 2013 though, we won't get that until we get new computers
  7. If you are just doing basic stuff then I guess Office 2007 will work for you. But if that is the case there are free office programs out there that will do the same.

    If you actually use MS Office in a significant way e.g., backtesting, macros, automation, etc. then 2007 doesn't really compare.

    Office 2013 is definitely different in a number of ways, so anyone who doesn't like change should stay away from it and Window 8. If you are a power user and know how to tweak all the settings then you can use the new products to your advantage.
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    I use plenty of macros and some fairly complex stuff that LibreOffice/OpenOffice can't do but 2007 does it perfectly. It's fairly common knowledge also that you don't touch any Windows version prior to Service Pack 1 as the security holes can cost you much more than any incremental tweaks.
  9. Not only is it common knowledge that Office 2007 is the slowest and least refined Office of all of them, it is simply a fact. I have it and have tested it many, many times and it is just plain slow. But if it works for you, then that it fine. I just could find nothing that 2007 does better than 2003 except a large grid in Excel if you happen to need it. I agree with you on Windows 8, I am happy with w7, and will wait until they work things out to upgrade that.