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    Regarding the thread topic, someone else suggested I try this to evaluate and figure out how to leverage my technical background in this field without getting upset and burned out by hedge funds and banks in Manhattan.

    Free comes with hitches, however:

    - I am a graduate student, meaning nothing will really be timely if there are exams
    - Development can't start until after my current contract is up, meaning it'd be a few months (~2) and we'd have to discuss ideas in the interim
    - You would have to manage the project and ask for pieces
    - I am handicapped and have poor motor control and speech, meaning most communication has to be written or expressed mathematically
    - You should be very good with English
    - You agree I am not at fault if you lose money and you will test any end product yourself over a period of time to verify it works

    I am not looking to get rich and steal your idea. In fact, you could give me a losing system and I'd implement it just to go through the process of start to finish for a strategy. I'd learn to evaluate the pros and cons and how to know when a strategy is good or bad. You get a free system, which you can share or not share with me at your own discretion.

    In addition, your system should be fairly simple, testable, understandable.

    I have extensive experience in C++ and C, can design custom device drivers, and write user-mode stuff fairly well also. I have a preference for Windows, but can work in Linux or other Unix systems as well.

    My database skills are mediocre, meaning I can design databases but the performance wouldn't be as good as if a real DBA did the work.

    Thanks, and feel free to IM me over AIM.
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    One thing I should mention is that I'm not helping everyone, just whoever is the most articulate and has something that's feasible. You probably should talk to me about your ideas in as much detail as you can go without actually giving it up. You should classify what platform, what style of strategy, etc.
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    You will probably get more takers if you just offer to pay someone to write their code.
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    Let's see if we can bid this thing up. I'll pay $5 a line to code your strategies...
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    fat rat, how appropriate your name
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    Hehe. I have pet rats, some are chubby.
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  8. Fat,

    It's much easier to find a coder willing to code a system than a good system that needs a coder :)

  9. Some of the free systems on ET are as good as what traders use privately. You'll have to dig past most of the useless junk posted in the most recent years. Play with a few and see how it goes. I would suggest you open an account with IB and use their demo account to fine tune the automation.

    This is one of my favorite. Simple yet robust. A Random entry based system. If you need suggestions on how to get it profitable, PM me.

    Also take a look at the posts made by several of the systems dev experts on ET such as Mr. Murray Ruggiero's posts. He is an accomplished systems dev. expert who is also an ET sponsor.

    In recent years, the noise to signal ratio on ET has hit record highs. There's some really good stuff out there, you'll have to do some digging. Good luck.
  10. Which market?

    I don't expect you code the models for me but I'll be interested in reading how you would take a certain base concept and turn it into a legible/professional model.

    Don't worry about you handicap. People have told me I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder, when I was working in a prop. ... and when we go out drinking, they tell me I have serious alcohol problem... also... a gay-phobic, split personality (work and after hours), insecure self-esteem because I always seek for attention when drunk (doing stupid stuff in front of people like screaming "KAMPA-----I" and constantly approaching woman in a club.

    No one's normal...
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